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In this section the project is introduced in form of following items:
  1. TargetsGenerating of more than 1100 Giga Wat Hour  of hydroelectric energy annually
  2. Regulation of the Khersan River flow to increase the energy generated by downstream dams
  3. Control of the Khersan River destructive floods
  4. Storage of approximately 1158 million cubic meters of water for generating hydroelectric energy
  5. Breeding of different types of aquatic
  6. To provide an appropriate place for recreation and tourism attraction
History and background
  • First phase studies: Mahab Qods Consulting Engineers
  • First phase revision studies: Joint Venture of Abanpajuh, Parsab Tadbir and Stucky Consulting Engineers in 2004
  • Second phase studies: Joint Venture of Abanpajuh and Stucky Consulting Engineers in 2007
  • Geotechnical studies and material strength tests
  • Construction of the residential-official camp: 2005-2007
  • Surveying activities of Dam site, reservoir and…
  • Physical - chemical tests of borrow areas
  • Performing regular measurments of flow and water level of boreholes
  • Water monitoring tests to assessthe chemical characteristics
  • Hydraulics Model of project on the scale of 1:40 (Biggest one in Iran)
  • Power network studies includes load distribution, short circuit studies and network stability studies
  • Cadastre maps of the dams reservoir
  • Aerial photoes in the scale of 1:10000 by alteracam RGB camera
Location and general layout
Location & general layout of projectKhersan 3 dam is located in higher part of Khersan River in Charmahal va Bakhtiari Province in south-west of Iran and north-east slopes of Zagros Mountains in an area with eastern longitude of 50°, 58¢, 25² and northern latitude of  31°, 14¢, 50² near Talaye and Atashgah Villages with approximate distance of 50 km from Lordegan City.
Accessibility to Khersan 3 dam site is possible through Esfahan-Broojen-Lordegan or Shahrkord-Lordegan roads and through asphalted road of Lordegan-Sardasht-Atashgah. Atashgah-Lordegan road, located in 300 m east of construction site, is terminated to Khersan River.
River specifications
River specificationsKhersan River is one of the branch of Karun which is originated from “Tang Sorkh” and “Kanedodehse” Mountains in 43 km south-east of Yasuj City and 15 km north-west of Ardakan Fars City. This branch continues its way with the name of “Boshar” River toward north-west. While passing through western valley of “Tang Sorkh” this river irrigates “Bardzard” and “Tang Khoshk” Rivers. It then joins “Tang Sorkh” River or “Mahmood Beigy”, one kilometer west of “Tang Sorkh” Village and then enters the valley, which is located in the middle of “Toop Abdollah” (in the east) and “Pazanan” Mountains (in the west).
In the entrance of mentioned valley it irrigates “Deh Tuly” Village and after joining another eastern river joins the water of “Dely Safadr” Valley and then “Vazag” River and flows toward “Kalgeh” Village through eastern valley of “Kharkelon” Mountain.
After passing from “Sartang” Village in 3 km distance of “Deh Sheikh” Village it joins the river of “Abza” Valley and after crossing “Deh Kohneh” and “Sarsoor” Villages, it reaches “Dorah” Village.
In the eastern part of this village, it mixes with “Gerdab” River which is passing from “Abdehi” Valley and with the name of “Garm” or “Khersan” River, enters Lordegan region in Charmahal va Bakhtiari Province. Length of Khersan River is 180 km and the height of its sources is 2900 masl.
Specifications of catchmnet area
Khorasan river catchment area is one of the sources of Karun River catchment area. Main part of the mentioned area is mountainous and the altitude of its highest point in Dena Mountain is about 4437 masl. Average height of catchment area is 2398 masl.
Summary of physiographic specifications of khersan 3 Dam
Circumference (km2)
Average height (masl)
Length of river (km)
Average gradient of river
Khersan 3 axis
Dam location
Dam locationAs it is shown in the following figure, khersan 3 Dam is constructed on Khersan River in upstream of Khersan 2 and Khersan 1 Dams.
  1. A thin double arc concrete dam with height of 195 m and concrete placement volume of 1100 000 m3 for dam body
  2. Reservoir volume of more than 1158 million m3
  3. Installation capacity including four units of vertical Francis turbine with total capacity of 400 MW
  4. Annual generation of 1121 Gwh electrical energy
  5. Equipped with free spillway on dam crest and two deep outlet channels embedded in middle part of the dam body
  6. Equipped with a diversion tunnel in left bank with internal diameter of 12.5 m and length of 768 m