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In this section the project is introduced in form of following items:
  • Providing water for irrigation of 340 00 Hectares of Downstream fields
  • Controlling destructive floods and preventing their damages
  • Generating hydro electric power
  • Decreasing hydraulic gradient
History and background

Studies of the water and soil resources development project of the Karkhe River catchment started since 1335 by an American Corporation. Subsequently, some Iranian and foreign companies carried out studies in relation to the dam construction on this river which is as follows:

  • Study the recognition phase of the irrigation development of the upstream basin in 1345
  • Complementary studies by two Iranian and foreign Corporation in 1347
  • Study the potentiality of Karkhe reservoir dam by Consulting and Civil Engineer of Iran Water Resources in 1358
  • After Islamic revolution victory, some studies carried out by the “Jahad Construction Co.”
  • Complementary studies of the first phase of Karkhe dam were carried by the Mahab Ghods Co. in 1367
Location and general layout
Location & general layout of project Karkhe dam is constructed in 21 kilometer of west north of Andimeshk city in Khuzestan province. This project is located in 48 degree and 8.7 minutes of eastern longitude and 32 degree and 6.29 minute of northern longitude.
River specifications
Karkhe River is originated from the middle regions and south western of Zagros chain mountains in west and north western of the country and after passing a distance about 900 kilometer along the north, heads toward the south and finally in common border of Iran and Iraq, it reaches to the Hoorolazim lagoon. Karkhe River is the third greatest river of Iran after Karun and Dez Rivers in case of water outflow.
Specifications of catchmnet area
Karkhe catchment area with the 43000 square meter width is located between 46 degree and 57¢ to 49° and 10¢ of eastern and 31° and 48¢ to 34° and 58¢of northern latitude.
Dam location
Dam location
  • The greatest dam in Iran history
  • Having the biggest dam lake of the country
Commencement and Termination
  • Initiation the operation: March 1991
  • Diversion of Karkhe river: October 1995
  • Dam refilling: February 1999
  • Inauguration of dam body construction and spillway: march 2001
  • Operation of the first unit of the powerhouse: September 2002 (August 22 of 2002 at 19:30)
  • Operation of the second powerhouse unit: December 2002 (21 January 2002, at 17:40)
  • Operation of the third powerhouse unit: July 2003 (27 may 2003 at 22:00)
  • Complementary Operational Commencement of Karkhe Dam: April 2004
  • Operation of spillway valves: April 2004
  • Inauguration of Dashteabbas water transferring tunnel: 21 April 2005