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شرکت توسعه منابع آب و نیروی ایران
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LargePlant NameStatus Of StudiesCapacity (MW)Annual Product (GWh)Total Investment (Million Euros)
Bazoft Dam & Hydropower ProjectPhase I240.00750.00312.00
Dez I Run-Off-River Power Plant ProjectPhase I225.00521.00390.56
Dez II Run-Off-River Power Plant ProjectPhase I490.001121.00637.00
Dez III Run-Off-River Power Plant ProjectPhase I215.00512.00280.00
Garsha Dam and Hydropower PlantPhase I211.00502.00200.00
Gezel Ozan Dam & Hydropower Project (Pirtaghi)Phase I200.00650.00260.00
Ilam Pumped-Storage Power PlantPhase I1000.001460.00509.27
Karkheh II Dam and Hydropower PlantPhase I360.00636.00468.00
Karun II Dam and Power PlantPhase I712.002100.00441.00
Khersan I Dam and Hydropower PlantPhase I584.001291.00760.00
Khersan II Dam and Hydropower PlantPhase I682.001497.00800.00
Liro Dam and Power PlantPhase I342.001025.00356.00
Polrud III Run-off-River Power PlantPhase I104.40283.40160.00
Zalaki Dam and Hydropower PlantPhase II466.001333.00558.00
Small & MediumPlant NameStatus Of StudiesCapacity (MW)Annual Product (GWh)Total Investment (Million Euros)
Golestan Small Hydropower PlantsPhase I5.0020.107.38
Haraz 1-3 Run-off-River Hydropower plantPhase I25.00110.3028.09
Haraz 2 Run-off-River Hydropower PlantPhase I24.00118.1928.67
Namarestagh Dam & Cascade Hydropower plantsPhase II34.0090.2029.19
Polrud I Run-off-River Power PlantPhase I58.19162.4887.30
Polrud II Run-off-River Power PlantPhase I14.9139.8422.40