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Iran Water and Power Resources Development Co.
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Prepared Projects for Investment


Major Hydropower Projects

Being Operated

  Karun 3

  Karun 4



  Masjed Soleiman

Being Executed


  Rudbar Lorestan

  Irrigation and drainage network of Chamshir





Being Studied

  Aras Watershed

  Dez Watershed


  North Watershed

  Ghezel Ozan

  Karun Watershed

  Karkhe Watershed

Small and Medium
Hydropower Projects

 Being Operated

 Being Executed

 Ready For Construction

 Ready For Investment

Bozorgzadeh, Eisa

Last Name and First Name:
‌Bozorgzadeh, Eisa

Position: Technical and Research Deputy

Education: MS. Civil Engineering

University: Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman
Etaati Hasan

Last Name and First Name:
‌Etaati Hasan

Position: Deputy of Operation

Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering (Power)

University: Sharif University
Manhooei, Parviz

Last Name and First Name:
‌Manhooei, Parviz

Position: Deputy managing director financial & treasury oteicer

Education: MS. Business management

University: Islamic Azad University of Kermanshah
Pourmehrani, Mehrdad

Last Name and First Name:
‌Pourmehrani, Mehrdad

Position: Deputy Supervisor of Human Resources and Support


TabeJama'at, MashaAlh

Last Name and First Name:
‌TabeJama'at, MashaAlh

Position: Deputy Supervisor of Planning and Supervision


University: Ghazvin, Azad University